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Get spouses' maiden names and geographical place names in the newly updated index to The Phelps Family in America.

While the original book was published with an index standard for its time, the index is largely restricted to male surnames and is of limited use to many researchers.

The new index includes 250+ pages of new entries. It is available for free at Updated Index to the Phelps Family in America.

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According to well-known Phelps Researcher Margaret Swanson, "It's a remarkable work considering that it was compiled over a hundred years ago, but it has many omissions and errors, nevertheless it is a useful 'framework' on which to hang your New England Phelps research." For example, the authors mistakenly places the original immigrants William and George Phelps' origins in Tewkesbury, England. Pages 72 to 1,257 are devoted to the descendants of William Phelps, and pages 1259 to 1557 identify some of the descendants of George Phelps.

Orignal publication was two volumes. By Judge Oliver Seymour Phelps and Andrew T. Servin. 1869 pages. (Eagle Publishing Company of Pittsfield, Mass., originally published in 1899.)

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