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Phelps Ancestors in Checkley, Tene River, England

By  David Phelps

In Staffordshire in the parish of Checkley there is a village of Checkley located on the north side of the Tene River. This has been variously spelled Teane or Tean. Near by are the regions referred to as "Upper Teane", "Teane" and "Nether Teane". I believe "Nether" means "bottom" or "farthest from the top". This is my best guess for the location of Nether Teyne and that we may have another variant of the spelling.

I found the following at UK GenWebSite which provides a little more detail on the area.

"Checkley is a small village on the north side of the River Tean, four and three-quarter miles SSE of Cheadle, five miles NW by W of Uttoxeter, and two miles N of Leigh Station, on the North Staffordshire Railway. Its parish contains 2322 souls and about 5800 acres of fertile land, lying in three divisions, called Tean, Madeley-Holme and Foxt.

"Checkley village is in the Tean division, which contains about 3,000 acres.

"Beamhurst, three miles NW; Deadman's Green, five miles NW; and Fole, four miles NW of Uttoxeter, are hamlets in Madeley-Holme division of this parish. Beamhurst Hall is the seat of Henry Mountford, Esq.

"Foxt hamlet is four miles NNE of Cheadle, and has a scattered village of 280 souls, of whom 197 are in Ipstones parish and 83 in Checkley parish.

"Hollington is a village in the Madeley-Holme division, five miles NW of Uttoxeter, celebrated for its quarries of excellent white freestone, of which many churches have been erected in this county, and many thousand scythe stones are made yearly. The stone may be got in blocks of 100 feet or upwards. The quarries belong to Sir John Gibbons and JC Philips, Esq.

"Tean division includes the hamlet of Lower Tean, three miles S by E, and the large village of Upper Tean, two miles S of Cheadle. The latter village is noted for the extensive tape manufactory of Messrs John & Nathaniel Philips & Co., who employ here about 600 men, women and children, and at Cheadle about 300."

Additional information can be found on the UK GenWebSite.

From History, Gazetteer and Directory of Staffordshire, William White, Sheffield, 1851.

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