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Natnaniel Phelps 1702 Will

of Northampton, Massachusetts

I Nathaniel Phelps senR [sic] living in Northampton being aged and week of body and yet of good memory and understanding blessed be God for the unknown unknown this twelfth day of March Anno 1702 make an ordained this my last will and testament here by making void and know all other wheels of mine so writings by me made of this kind anytime heretofore which is as followeth viz:

First I bequeath my souls under the hands of almighty God by maker hoping through the meritorious death and passion of Jesus Christ my only Savior and Redeemer to receive free pardon and forgiveness of all my sins and as for my body I leave it to be buried in a comly and Christian manner by my executors hereafter named.

And first I do hereby make and or name my dearly beloved wife to be the sole executrix of this my last will and testament and my will is that all my just debts and funeral expenses be truly paid and discharged such being done I do give now unto my son Nathaniel Phelps 30 shillings and to my son William and to John unknown and Matthew Classon who married my daughter's 15 shillings a piece.

Not being sons of blank hereby give and bequeath my whole estate both on lands of all sorts measurable and unmeasurable and whatsoever belongs of right to me to my well beloved wife Elizabeth Phelps to be owned free disposed and improvements for her comfortable and home maintenance during her natural life and in case she shall see reason to sell or allianot any part thereof for her comfort able timely Hood I do hereby give under her free and full Liberty and power to do as and what of my effects shall be best and remain at her death and do give unto her first Liberty to distribute among my children not exempting my grandchildren viz Mary Classon deceased hir [sic] children:

Also I do give and my wife Liberty to give to her son and to my Copley what she shall cyst not exceeding the value of three pounds. And to her grandson's Samuel and John Lawton I give her Liberty to give to them what she shall see unknown not exceeding forty shillings to you both:

And further my will is that my son Nathaniel take care of his mother and do charge him to be kind and in all respects to take special and diligent and constant care that she maintenance that is when my wife shall not be able to manage the effects herself and I do request and intreat [sic] Deacon Ebenezer Strong and Medad Pomery my good friends in whome [sic] I put confidence to oversee and take special care that my deere [sic] wife may not suffer in any respects as much as in them to both in sickness and health through it be the spending of my whole estate:

And in Confirmation of the whole above mentioned promises to be my free act and will as shown here unto I hereunto set my hand and seale in the twelfth years of the reign of William III whom God prefers.

Nathaniel Phelps {seal}

Signed and sealed in the presence of

Medad Pomery
Preserach Clapp
Ebenezer Strong

Corporal Preserach Clapp Deacon Medad Pomery & Deacon Ebenezer Strong this 15-day July 1702 made oath that Nathaniel Phelps has unknown the above testator did sign and seal the above testament as his last will and testament that he was of sound mynde and good understanding and he did it as attested and ordered.

Sam Partridge registrar

Approved and allowed September 20 1702
John Pynchon in Hampshire, Judge of Probate