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Randolph Tucker Claggett / Minnie Biggs

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Randolph Tucker Claggett / Minnie Biggs

Husband: Randolph Tucker Claggett
Born: 10 May 1858[107] [108] at: Warrenton, Fairfax Co., Virginia, USA
Married: 24 Jan 1884at:
Died: 8 Mar 1937[109] [110] at: Lexington, McLean, Illinois
Father: James Augustine Claggett
Mother: Catherine Johnson
Notes: [113]
Wife: Minnie Biggs
Born: 31 Jan 1863[586] at: Money Creek Twp McLean, Illinois, USA
Died: 25 Jun 1956at: Lexington, McLean, Illinois
Father: Josiah Mullen Biggs
Mother: Lucy A. Empie
Notes: [587]
Name: Catherine Hill Claggett [589] [588]
Born: 1900[588] at:
Married: at:  
Died: 1987at: Lexington, McLean, Illinois
Spouses: Philip Jacob Keller

Name: Elmo Hill
Born: 1888at: Virginia
Died: at:

Pedigree Chart for: Randolph Tucker Claggett

      /--Samuel  Claggett  II
   /--Samuel  Claggett  III
   |  \--Amey Jane  Ramey 
/--James Augustine  Claggett 
|  |  /--Thomas  Sanford 
|  \--Lucy  Sanford 
|     \--Kesiah  Wilson 
|--Randolph Tucker  Claggett 
|     /--
|  /--Moses  Johnson 
|  |  \--
\--Catherine  Johnson 
   |  /--
   \--Catherine  Norris 
      \--Hannah  Bell 

Pedigree Chart for: Minnie Biggs

   |  \--
/--Josiah Mullen  Biggs 
|  |  /--
|  \--
|     \--
|--Minnie  Biggs 
|     /--
|  /--
|  |  \--
\--Lucy A.  Empie 
   |  /--

[113] The following paragraphs about the Claggett clan were written by Johnson Tucker Beasley, Randolph's nephew. Johnson was a family history buff and recorded many names and dates. He wrote: "I am not sure that any of the Claggetts were in the Civil War, but the Claggett homestead is in Virginia near the site of the first Battle of Bull Run [First Mannassas]. I have heard my grandmother [Catherine Johnson] tell of having watched the battle from the back porch, and Uncle Tucker tells me his father carried him on horseback to the scene of the battle after it was over, and that the sight of row on row of wounded and dying was never erased from his memory." According to his great-niece, Jane Beasley, Uncle Tucker "Had a big house in Lexington. Minnie was a great talker." His occupation in the 1900 census is given as "Landlord." Obituary-- R. T. Claggett. (Special to The Pantagraph of Bloomington, Illinois.) LEXINGTON. -- Randolph Tucker Claggett. a leading farmer of McLean county, died at his home in Lexington at 1:10 a. m. Monday [March 8, 1937]. The funeral will be held at 2:30 p. m. Wednesday. Burial will be in the Lexington cemetery. He was born in Warrenton, Fairfax county, Va., May 10, 1858, the youngest son of James A. and Catherine Johnson Claggett. Their house was near the scene of the first battle of Bull Run, and many times the armies of both the north and the south were encamped on their farm. Mr. Claggett arrived in Lexington on Christmas eve, 1866, with his father, mother, brothers, Moses Johnson and James William; sister, Metella Beasley, and an aunt Sarah Johnson. All have preceded him in death. On Jan. 24, 1984, Mr. Claggett married Miss Minnie Biggs, a native of Money Creek township. They lived on their farm south of Lexington until 1897 when they removed to town where they have since resided. Mr. Claggett was vice president of the People's Bank of Lexington, a lifelong Democrat, and was affiliated with the Baptist church. He leaves his wife, an adopted daughter, Mrs. Catherine Keller of Lexington, nine nieces and nephews and 14 grand nieces and nephews. A brother of Mr. Keller's, Elmo F. Hill, who had made his home with Mr. and Mrs. Claggett, died in France in 1918.

[587] Based on notes compiled by Ruth Matella Beasley.

[589] Based on notes compiled by Ruth Matella Beasley. Catherine was adopted.

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