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Descendants of William and George Phelps

Deposition of Frank W. Foot as to the Loyalty of Julia F. Claggett

[In answer to the Standard Interrogatories]

Qn 1. My name is Frank W. Foot. I am 33 years old. I am a clerk in the Pension office in Washington DC.

Qn 2. I am not related to the claimant in this case and have no interest in its success.

Qn 53 to 55. During the war I was a Lieutenant in the 121st New York Vol's attached to the 2nd Brigade. First Division of the 6th army corps.

In the months of August and Sept 1863 our Brigade was camped on and around claimants farm in Fauquier co near New Baltimore.

Qn 56. I used frequently to visit the house of the claimant and conversed with her family generally. I do not recollect any particular conversation with her on war matters. I went there more particularly for the society of the younger members of her family.

Qn 57. She always treated the officers with kindness and the relations were very pleasant between them and her and her family.

Qn 58. I dont know of anything the claimant or any of her family did or said that indicated hostility towards the union cause. There was a young widow visiting or staying there who used in [?} manner to make use of expressions not always favorable to the union cause. I understood she was a daughter of the claimant. She the claimant had a son old enough for the army who was at home while we were camped there.

The whole family were very kind and obliging towards us, much more so than those we general met with in that country.

Qn 59. I do not remember anything.

Qn 60. I had no opportunity to know the reputation of claimant except with the army. She and her family were treated by the officers as not being in sympathy with the rebellion. Her property was more carefully protected than those who were known to sympathize with the rebellion, and was more respected by the men, who I think generally regarded the claimant and family as not unfriendly to them and the cause they were engaged in.

Qn 61. I dont know of any prominent union people in the neighborhood.

Qn 63. I dont know of any threats against the claimant. I remember very well that while our Brigade was camped there some rebel cavalry dashed into the camp in the night time evidently with the intention to capture Gen Bartlett whose Hd Quarters were in claimants door yard and in the melee fired into claimants house.

Qn 64. I can only say she treated our troops with kindness and cordiality and entertained us in a way we were never treated by any rebel family while in that country. her treatment of the union officers was in marked contrast with that we received from rebel families many of whom would not even admit us to their houses.

Qn 65. I don't recollect anything. A young lady member of the family told us they had a brother in the union army. Her name was Martha Utterback I think.

The answer to questions concerning the Property deponent says.

While our Brigade was camped on claimants place we protected a field of corn which was enclosed with a rail fence, the only rail fence on the place. Our Brigade advance as far as the Rappahannock river in Sept. and returned to nearly the same locality in Oct and stopped one night in sight of the house of claimant and while there I saw some cavalry or light artillery carry off a large stack or rick of fodder which I supposed was saved from the field we had protected for claimant while we were camped on her place. and further deponent saith not.


Isaac P. Baldwin Frank W. Foot.

Special Commisr.