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George Phelps in Windsor, Connecticut

First Generations In New England

Contributed by Eric Landry Phelps and David Phelps; edited by Brian Phelps.

Excerpted in part from Search For The Passengers of the Mary & John - 1630, Volume 7. (Available by mail order from The Mary and John Clearinghouse), and from The Phelps Family of America and Their English Ancestors, (Save $200 by ordering through us.) By Oliver S. Phelps and Andrew T. Servin. (Get a free, updated index here.). Original spelling and punctuation.

There is some doubt as to the origin of George Phelps (Abt. 1606 d: May 08, 1687) of Windsor, Connecticut. Phelps & Servin held that he was the brother of William Phelps from Tewkesbury. This has been completely disproven.

The book The Phelps Family of America and Their English Ancestors by Phelps & Servin erroneously concluded based on nothing more than an approximate birth date for William that both he and George Phelps were from Tewkesbury, England. William and George Phelps are not brothers and are from Crewkene. For details, see Origins of William and George Phelps of Dorchester.

George Phelps was long believed due to Phelps & Servin's book to be the sixth child of William of Tewkesbury, Eng., b. about 1605; immigrated to New England on the Mary and John, in 1630, with his elder brother William and his younger brother Richard. It has since been concluded that the William Phelps of Massachusetts and Connecticut originated in Crewkerne, Somerset, England and that he is not the William Phelps of Tewkesbury records. George Phelps is omitted as an immigrant of the Mary and John. Additional DNA research has thus far revealed no biological relationship between William Phelps and George Phelps. No evidence exists that Richard Phelps is related to either William or George, although he is present in the earliest records of Dorchester, Massachusetts.

What is known is that In 1635 a George Phelps joined the emigration to the new settlement of Windsor at the junction of the Farmington & Connecticut Rivers, now Windsor. He had eight children by his first wife (1638-1647) and three by his second (1649-1653). About 1670 be moved to Westfield, Massachusetts with his second wife. His chief public duties were on the juries of Hartford, Connecticut & Springfield, Massachusetts. His estate: 317 pounds.

Children of George Phelps and Phillury Randall

Extracted from P & S, p 1268.

  1. Capt. Isaac Phelps (1638-1725) Windsor, m. Ann Gaylord, 11 Mar. 1665 (1645-1689) dau. of William Gaylord, Jr. & Ann Porter (Gaylord 2.1). (P & S , p 1269)

    He moved from Windsor to Westfield where he was town clerk, assessor, surveyor, town treasurer and Schoolmaster. It is said that the Westfield church records contain a long relation to the religious experiences of Isaac Phelps. At the age of 76 he was given the title of Captain, and in 1724, when he was 86, he was chosen Town Treasurer. It appears that Isaac may have been the only one of the family to be able to write, while his father, George, his uncle, William Phelps and his younger brothers used primitive "marks".

    1. Isaac Phelps Jr., (1666 Windsor - 1698 Westfield) m. Dec. 1690 Mary Moseley (1673-1746), dau. of Lt. John Moseley & Mary Newburry of Westfield. She m. (2) Eleazer Weller, 7 Nov, 1704. (Windsor-508) (P & S , p 1276)
      1. Daniel (1691-1692) Westfield
      2. Isaac III (1692-1777) Res: Westfield, Massachusetts; Windsor, Connecticut; and Poquonick. m.
        1. prob. _____ Clark, dau. of David Clark of Simsbury & Windsor, who granted land to Isaac, his son-in-law. (P & S , p 1297)
          1. Isaac (1727-1727) (twin)
          2. Dau. (1727-1727) (twin)
        2. m. Sarah Barbar (1729-1741/2) dau. of Samuel Barber and Ruth Drake. (P & S , p 1297)
          1. Sarah (1730-1779) Westfield, m. Thomas Moseley, 17 Nov. 1753. No children.
          2. Rebecca (1732-1811) Westfield. m. David Dewey. No children.
          3. Lt. Isaac IV (1734-1829) Westfield m.
            1. Jemima Holcomb, 1750 (b. 1735), dau. of Joshua Holcomb (Holcomb 4.5,2.7)
              1. Isaac Phelps (1754-1849)
              2. Zaruh Phelps (1755-deceased)
              3. Pharez Phelps (1755-1841)
              4. Jesse Phelps (1759-deceased)
              5. Jemima Phelps (1767-1804)
            2. wid. Anna Brown (1779-1783) of Sandisfield, Massachusetts. Wid. of Palmer.
              1. Alfred (1789-deceased)
            3. Joanna Hathaway (1743-1829), prob, of Suffield, Connecticut. Isaac d. 13 Feb. 1829, Otis, Massachusetts. Res: Tyringham, Massachusetts, Windsor, Connecticut, & Otis, Massachusetts. Sgt. in Revolution & Lieutenant, 1786. Five children by first wife (1753-1767), one by second (1780), and two by third (1799-1795). (Phelps-1327)
          4. Mary (1736-1782) Windsor, m.
            1. (1) Ahimaz Eastman (1762-1795) Res: Simsbury. (Phelps-1328) [children uncertain]
              1. John
              2. Isaac
              3. William
              4. Charles
              5. Mary
              6. Sally
            2. (2) Michael Griffin (1732-deceased) [children uncertain]
              1. Michael
              2. Allison
        3. Bathsheba m. Samuel Holcomb, Jr. (b. 1721), s. of Samuel Holcomb & Martha (Holcomb 6.5.7). He m. (2) Phebe _____, who d. 1750. Samuel had three children (1741-1746). (Holcomb-92)
        4. Theodosia b. 7 May 1738, Windsor. m. Capt. Micah Griffin (b. 1738), s. of Lt. Nathaniel Griffin & Elizabeth Griffin (NYGBR Jan. 1910, p. 26).

        (3) pos. Joanna Adams (1755- 1771)

      3. Aaron (1695-1779) Westfield. m. Rachel Bagg, 31 Jan. 1729. Res: Westfield, Massachusetts. (P & S p 1298):
        1. Aaron Jr. (1730-1789) Westfield. m. Mary Noble, 22 June 1758. (1736-1830), dau. of Moses Noble & Mary Grant (Grant Westfield. (P & S p 1328)
          1. Mary (1759-1759)
          2. Aaron (1760-1760)
          3. Moses (1761-1827)
          4. Mary or Molly (1763-1850)
          5. Aaron (1765-deceased)
          6. Isaac (1768-1768)
          7. David (1769-deceased)
          8. Noble (1771-1776)
          9. Roxanna (1776-deceased)
          10. Aaron Noble (1777-1830)
            1. Ronald Aaron Noble (1819-1881) See.
          11. Desire (1780-deceased)
        2. Rachel (1732-1738)
        3. Hannah (1734-1815), m. Dea, Joseph Dewey, Jr., 25 Nov, 1773 (1714-1799), s. of Sgt, Joseph Dewey & Sarah Warner. He m. (1) Beulah Sackett (Hannum
        4. Noah ( 1736-1841)
        5. Ruth (1738-1803) Westfield. m. Joseph Dewey III, 6 Oct. 1762 (1741-1815), s. of Joseph Dewey Jr. & Beulah Sackett (Hannum His father m. his wife's sister, Hannah. Ruth d. Jan. 1803, Westfield farmer. He was drafted and fined 20 pounds when he refused to serve. Six children (1763-1779). (P & S , p 1328)
          1. Ruth Dewey (1763-1834)
          2. Stephen Dewey (1765-1831)
          3. Hannah Dewey (1768-Deceased)
          4. John Dewey (1770-1843)
          5. Abner Dewey (1774-Deceased)
          6. Caleb Dewey (1779—1825)
        6. David b. 16 Mar. 1740, d. 14 Oct. 1747.