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Voyage of the ''Hercules'' in 1633/34

The Departure From London and Southampton

The Hercules is of interest because is carried Henry Phelps to colonial America. The Hercules sailed from London on March 24, 1633/4, and from Southampton on April 18, 1633/4, for New England. A Warrant was issued on February 22, 1633/4, to hold the departures of the Hercules, among other ships, which were in the Thames with the intended destination of New England.(1)

Ship and Passenger Information

John Kiddey, Master. Passengers (12):

Certificate of March 24, 1633/4, London

  • John Anthoney(1) of Hampstead, Middlesex, bound for Portsmouth, Rhode Island (John Anthony on certificate for the Mary & John)
  • Robert Early
  • Thomas Foster of Ipswich, Suffolk, bound for Boston
  • William Foster of Ipswich, Suffolk, bound for Ipswich
  • Matthew Hewlett(2)
  • William Latcome

Certificate of April 16, 1634, Southampton

  • Nathaniel Davyes (listed as Nathaniel Davis in "Planters of the Commonwealth")
  • William Elliott (listed as William Elliot in "Planters of the Commonwealth")
  • William Fifeilde, bound for Hampton, New Hampshire (listed as William Fifield in "Planters of the Commonwealth")
  • George Kinge (listed as George King in "Planters of the Commonwealth")
  • Henry Phelps, bound for Salem
  • Thomas Rider, bound for Weymouth(3)

^ (1) John Anthony was originally on the certificate for the Mary & John of London, but remained behind "to oversee the Chattle to pass in the Hercules." With these two listed on the first certificate, a note indicated that all were certified, "with five others" to be left behind as stated. Since that would make seven in the group, it would seem someone didn't make it (or avoided being listed).

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