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Brandy Station in the Civil War

During the Civil War, The Battle of Brandy Station was the largest cavalry battle ever fought on the North American Continent. Of the 20,000 soldiers involved, about 17,000 were mounted calvary. Brandy Station was also the first battle of the war's most famous campaign—Gettysburg.

At dawn June 9, the Union cavalry corps under Maj. Gen. Alfred Pleasonton launched a surprise attack on Stuart's cavalry at Brandy Station. After an all-day fight in which fortunes changed repeatedly, the Federals retired without discovering Lee's infantry camped near Culpeper.

This battle marked the apogee of the Confederate cavalry in the East. From this point in the war, the Federal cavalry gained strength and confidence. Brandy Station was the largest cavalry battle of the war and the opening engagement of the Gettysburg Campaign.

The men of the 7th Virginia Cavalry took part in the famous Jones-Imboden Raid into Western Virginia. On Thursday, November 26, 1863, Mosby attacked a heavily guarded wagon train near Brandy Station; Mosby escaped unharmed; his horse was not so lucky, receiving a ball in the breast. Brandy Station is located about six miles northeast of Culpepper, Virginia on State Route 29.

Brandy Station Union Camp, June 8, 1863