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(--?--) to Johann Jakob Zuern

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Brian Phelps

18493 individuals, 5964 families as of May 2014

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(--?--) — to — Sebastian Cabot Adams
Thankful Adams — to — Robert William Bartle
Ruth Bartle — to — Elizabeth Ann Boulter
Mary Drake Boulter — to — Margaret F. Bright
Coel Coilus Britian Old King Coel — to — James Chew
James Chew Major — to — Anne Clopton
Anne Clopton — to — Moses Dewey
Nathanial Dewey — to — Johann Conrad Enderle
Johann Friedrich Enderle — to — Susanna Gassaway
Thomas Gassaway — to — Nehemiah Harmon
Oliver Harmon — to — Wayne Grant Houghton
Linda Kaye Houseburg — to — Experience King
Franklin Ernest King — to — Dean 'Deano' Loveland Jr.
Dean Thomas Loveland — to — Edwin Thomas McNamee
Elizabeth 'Betsy' McNamee — to — Chris S. Nelson
Daniel Lee Nelson — to — Ignatius Perry
Job W. Perry — to — Harriett Phelps
Harry Adelbert Phelps — to — Samuel Phelps
Samuel Phelps — to — Erna Römer
Fritz Römer — to — Janet Sue Ruth
Judith Ann Ruth — to — John Shelton
Sarah 'Sallie' Shelton — to — Susanna Stockall
Jacob Stockenhofen — to — Nancy Underhill
Samuel Underhill — to — George Williams
George W. Williams — to — Johann Jakob Zuern

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