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Matthew Phelps / Thankful Phelps

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Matthew Phelps / Thankful Phelps

Husband: Matthew Phelps
Born: 6 Jun 1746[793] at: Harwinton, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Married: at:  
Died: 1779at:
Father: Samuel Phelps
Mother: Ruth Phelps
Notes: [794]
Wife: Thankful Phelps
Born: 11 Dec 1742at: Simsbury, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Died: at: New Haven, Vermont
Father: John Phelps
Mother: Thanks Wilcox
Name: (--?--) Phelps
Born: at: Norfolk, Connecticut, USA
Died: d. infancyat:

Name: Matthew Phelps
Born: 1783at: Norfolk, Connecticut, USA
Died: at:

Name: Jerusha Phelps
Born: 1780at: Norfolk, Connecticut, USA
Married: at:  
Died: at:
Spouses: Ezra Hoyt

Pedigree Chart for: Matthew Phelps

      /--Timothy  Phelps 
   /--Samuel  Phelps 
   |  \--Mary  Griswold 
/--Samuel  Phelps 
|  |  /--James  Eno  Jr.
|  \--Abigail  Eno 
|     \--Abigail Holcomb  Bissell 
|--Matthew  Phelps 
|     /--Timothy  Phelps 
|  /--William  Phelps 
|  |  \--Mary  Griswold 
\--Ruth  Phelps 
   |  /--Timothy  Phelps 
   \--Ruth Coggens  Barber 
      \--Ruth  Drake 

Pedigree Chart for: Thankful Phelps

      /--Joseph  Phelps 
   /--Amos  Phelps 
   |  \--Mary  Case 
/--John  Phelps 
|  |  /--John  Pettibone 
|  \--Sarah  Pettibone 
|     \--Mary  Bissell 
|--Thankful  Phelps 
|     /--William  Willcockson 
|  /--William (Deac)  Wilcox 
|  |  \--Elizabeth or Isabel  Wilson 
\--Thanks  Wilcox 
   |  /--William  Willcockson 
   \--Thankful  Adams 
      \--Thankful  Shepard 

[794] BIOGRAPHY: 623. CAPT. MATTHEW PHELPS, b. Harwinton, Ct., 6 June, 1746, m. 1st, 1766, Jerusha Phelps, (No. 533), daughter of Ensign Abel and Mary (Pennock) Phelps. She was b. Goshen, Ct., 28 June, 1745. BIOGRAPHY: He m. 2nd, Thankful (Phelps) Moore, daughter of John and Thankful (Moore) Phelps, and widow of Andrew Moore. She was b. Simsbury, Ct., 11 Dec., 1742, and died in New Haven, Vt. See No. 1164. BIOGRAPHY: Capt, Phelps was a farmer, first settled in Norfolk, Ct., about 1768. He was a great traveler for his time. Having consumption, he was advised to spend some time in a warmer climate. Late in the fall of 1774, he left Norfolk for New London, then one of the largest shipping ports in the colony. Here on the last day of Dec., the ship Receiver then received her clearing papers for New Orleans, and left for that port, Capt. Phelps taking passage with her. He arrived at New Orleans in due time, and going up the Mississippi River, located a plantation on the Big Black River, and returned home in the Fall of 1775. In the Spring of 1776, with his family he returned to the south to settle on his plantation, which he had located the previous year on the trip to New Orleans. He had a child born which he named Atlantic, who soon died. This trip was disastrous owing to the Revolutionary War which had changed the condition of affairs from what they were the year previous. On arriving at his plantation he found it occupied by other parties, from whom he could get no redress. His wife sickened and died. he lost his two surviving children, who were drowned in crossing the Mississippi River. He used up all his available means, was in the army two years, and returned to Harwington Ct., in the Fall of 1779, in broken health. BIOGRAPHY: On marrying his 2nd wife, he settled in Norfolk, Ct., and from there in 1788, he removed to New Haven, Vt., with his family, where he died. He published a book of his travels, printed in Bennington, Vt., in 1788, entitled, ''Capt. Matthew Phelps, from the Conn. to the Miss. River, from 1778-1780," now long since out of print.

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