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William Melvin Grimes / Frances Folsom Beasley

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William Melvin Grimes / Frances Folsom Beasley

Husband: William Melvin Grimes
Born: 7 Aug 1868[7045] [7046] [7047] [7048] [7049] at: Marshall County, Illinois, USA
Married: 14 Feb 1900at: Bloomington, Mclean County, Illinois, USA
Died: 7 May 1920[7050] [7051] at: Chenoa, McLean County, Illinois, USA
Father: Aaron Grimes
Mother: Angeline Hawes
Notes: [7056]
Sources: [7054] [7055] [7045] [7046] [7047] [7048] [7049] [7050] [7051] [7052] [7053] [7057] [7058] [7059] [7060]
Wife: Frances Folsom Beasley
Born: 29 Sep 1886[6755] [6756] [6757] [6758] [6759] [6761] [6762] at: Lexington, McLean County, Illinois, USA
Died: 12 Feb 1979[6764] at: Macon, Macon County, Illinois, USA
Father: Luther Sanford Beasley
Mother: Ruth Matella Claggett
Notes: [6767]
Sources: [6755] [6756] [6757] [6758] [6759] [6761] [6762] [6764] [6765] [6766] [6768] [6769]
Name: William Louise Grimes Jr. [541] [539] [540] [542]
Born: 7 Aug 1909[539] at:
Married: at:  
Died: 9 Nov 1995[540] at: Batavia, Kane, Illinois
Spouses: Edith Louise McKee

Name: Madge Metella Grimes [1135] [1132] [1127] [1128] [1129] [1130] [1131] [1133] [1134] [1136] [1137] [1138] [1139] [1140] [1141]
Born: 25 Jun 1913[1127] [1128] [1129] [1130] at: Lexington, McLean County, Illinois, USA
Married: at:  
Died: 12 Nov 1999[1131] at: Greenfield, Hancock County, Indiana, USA
Spouses: McClernand Butler

Pedigree Chart for: William Melvin Grimes

   |  \--
/--Aaron  Grimes 
|  |  /--
|  \--
|     \--
|--William Melvin  Grimes 
|     /--
|  /--Cap  Hawes 
|  |  \--
\--Angeline  Hawes 
   |  /--

Pedigree Chart for: Frances Folsom Beasley

   /--Thomas Wesley  Beasley 
   |  \--
/--Luther Sanford  Beasley 
|  |  /--Samuel  Claggett  III
|  \--Ann Elizabeth  Claggett 
|     \--Julia Frances  Sanford 
|--Frances Folsom  Beasley 
|     /--Samuel  Claggett  III
|  /--James Augustine  Claggett 
|  |  \--Lucy  Sanford 
\--Ruth Matella  Claggett 
   |  /--Samuel  Claggett  III
   \--Catherine  Johnson 
      \--Catherine  Norris 

[7056] May have been born in Magnolia, IL. Birthdate could be July 15, 1866.Birth place could be Odell, Livingston County, Illinois. May have grownup in Odell, IL. May have died on April 30, 1920. Informant onWilliam's death cert. is a Betram Grimes (maybe a brother) may have livedin Aberdeen. Searched WFT vols. 1-12, no hits. Searched Pres & F&P, no hits.

[6767] ~Searched WFT vols. 1-12, no hits. Searched CAG no hits. Searched Pres &F&P no hits.

[541] Based on notes compiled by Ruth Matella Beasley. ~ SSN 352-05-2175

[1135] Searched WFT vols. 1-57, no hits. Searched Pres & F&P, no hits. Obituary Notice for Madge Butler Life long Ottawa resident Madge Metella (Grimes) Butler passed away onFriday, November 12th, at 10:16 am, in Greenfield, Indiana due to cancer. Mrs. Butler was born 6-25-1913 in Lexington, IL to William L. Grimes andFrances (Beasly) Grimes. She was married on 1-23-1937 in Wilmette, IL toCol. McClernand Butler. The Butlers moved their family from Springfield,IL to Ottawa in 1947. Mrs. Butler was a schoolteacher for over 50 years,and was retired from the Ottawa Public School System. She taught 1st,2nd, and 4th grades in Hills, Washington, Lincoln, Columbus and Shabbonagrade schools. Mrs. Butler was also a long time member of The Camp Fire Girls and was aprincipal negotiator in acquiring land for the girls camp. Mrs. Butlergraduated from Normal Teachers College (now Illinois State University) on11-20-1936, where she was captain of the debate team. The Butlers were former members of the Presbyterian and CongregationalChurches, but have been attending the Illinois Valley Evangelical Churchfor the past several years. The Butlers had just moved away from Ottawa to Greenfield, Indiana inorder to be closer to family. Mrs. Butler leaves her husband McClernandButler of Ottawa, daughter Susan Elizabeth (Butler) Crawford ofGreenfield, IN, grandson McClernand Butler Crawford of New Palestine, INand great-grandson Graham Butler Crawford of New Palestine, IN. MadgeButler was a very valuable piece to Ottawa's community and history; shewill be sorely missed. Memorial services will be held on Saturday, November 20 at 2pm, at theIllinois Valley Evangelical Church, in Ottawa. Gravesite services willbe held at Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, IL in the spring. Flowers for the memorial service can be sent to: Illinois ValleyEvangelical Church, 215 W. Washington St, Ottawa, IL 61350 Madge was the granddaughter of Aaron Grimes, Private, Co. B 77th Inf.IL, Union Army and great-granddaughter of Thomas Beasley, member of JohnMosby's Rangers, Virginia CSA.

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@1 [6755] [S472]

@1 [6756] [S473]

@1 [6757] [S148]

@1 [6758] [S474]

@1 [6759] [S16]

  • @4Data:
    Aunt Fanny Walling had some sons living I believe in Los Angeles.
    [6760] Johnson left these notes to his daughter, Annabeth.

@1 [6761] [S36]

@1 [6762] [S475]

    [6763] Corrects birth year as 1886, not one month after parent's marriage and 7 months before her brother's marriage

@1 [6764] [S473]

@1 [6765] [S473]

@1 [6766] [S474]

@1 [6768] [S472]

@1 [6769] [S473]

@1 [539] [S36]

@1 [540] [S147]

@1 [542] [S148]

@1 [1132] [S207]

@1 [1127] [S203]

@1 [1128] [S232]

@1 [1129] [S148]

@1 [1130] [S207]

@1 [1131] [S207]

@1 [1133] [S207]

@1 [1134] [S207]

@1 [1136] [S202]

@1 [1137] [S203]

@1 [1138] [S232]

@1 [1139] [S148]

@1 [1140] [S204]

@1 [1141] [S207]

Edward 'Longshanks' Plantagenet I King of England / Eleanor of Castile Countess of Ponthieu

Husband: Edward 'Longshanks' Plantagenet I King of England
Born: 17 Jun 1239at: Westminster, Middlesex, England
Married: 18 Oct 1254at: Las Huelgas, Burgos, Spain
Died: 7 Jul 1307at: Burgh on Sands, Cumberland, England
Father: Henry Plantagenet III King of England
Mother: Eleonore Countess of Provence Queen of England
Notes: [2503]
Sources: [2504]
Wife: Eleanor of Castile Countess of Ponthieu
Born: ABT 1244at: Castile, Spain
Died: 24 Nov 1290at: Herdeby, Near Grantham, Lincolnshire, England
Father: Fernando III 'The Saint' Alfonsez King of Castile and Leon
Mother: Jeanne de Dammartin Countess of Aumale
Notes: [3103]
Sources: [3104]
Name: Eleanor Plantagenet [3105]
Born: 17 Jun 1264at: Windsor Castle, Berkshire, England
Died: 12 Oct 1297at: Gent, F-Occd, Belgium

Name: John Plantagenet [3106]
Born: 10 Jul 1266at: Windsor, Berkshire, England
Died: 3 Aug 1271at: Westminster, London, England

Name: Henry Plantagenet [3107]
Born: 13 Jul 1267at: Windsor, Berkshire, England
Died: 14 Oct 1274at: Merton, Surrey

Name: Juliana Plantagenet [2652]
Born: 1271at: Akko, Hazafon, Israel
Died: 1271at: Akko, Hazafon, Israel

Name: Joan of Acre [2649]
Born: 1272at: Acre, Alaskako, Hazafon, Israel
Married: at:  
Died: 23 Apr 1307at: Clare, Suffolk, England
Spouses: Gilbert 'The Red Earl' de Clare Earl of Gloucester

Name: Alphonso Plantagenet Earl of Chester [2653]
Born: 24 Nov 1273at: Bayonne, Basses-Pyrenees, France
Died: 19 Aug 1284at:

Name: Isabel Plantagenet [2648]
Born: ABT 1274at: Windsor Castle, Berkshire, England
Died: at:

Name: Margaret Plantagenet [2654]
Born: 11 Sep 1275at: Windsor Castle, Windsor, Berkshire, England
Died: 1318at: Brussels, Belgium

Name: Berengaria Plantagenet [2655]
Born: 1276at: Kennington, Berkshire, England
Died: ABT 1277at:

Name: Mary Plantagenet [2656]
Born: 11 Mar 1278at: Windsor Castle, Windsor, Berkshire, England
Died: BEF 8 Jul 1332at: Amesbury

Name: Alice Plantagenet [2657]
Born: 12 Mar 1279at: Palace, Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England
Died: 1291at:

Name: Elizabeth Plantagenet [2658] [2659]
Born: 7 Aug 1282at: Rhuddlan Castle, Flintshire, Wales
Married: at:  
Died: 5 May 1316at: Quendon, Essex, England
Spouses: John I Count of Holland , Humphrey de Bohun

Name: Edward Plantagenet II King of England [2622] [2623]
Born: 25 Apr 1284at: Caernarvon Castle, Carvon, Caernarvonshire, Wales
Married: at:  
Died: 21 Sep 1327at: Berkeley Castle, Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England
Spouses: Isabelle Princess of France

Name: Beatrice Plantagenet [2650]
Born: 1286at: Toulouse, Haute-Garonne, France
Died: at:

Name: Blanche Plantagenet [2660]
Born: 1290at: Windsor Castle, Windsor, Berkshire, England
Died: at:

Pedigree Chart for: Edward 'Longshanks' Plantagenet I King of England

      /--Henry II  Plantagenet  King of England
   /--John 'Lackland'  Plantagenet  King of England
   |  \--Eleanor of  Aquitaine  Queen of England
/--Henry  Plantagenet  III King of England
|  |  /--Aymer de  Taillefer  Count of Angouleme
|  \--Isabella de  Taillefer  Queen of England
|     \--Alice de  Courtenay  Countess of Angou
|--Edward 'Longshanks'  Plantagenet  I King of England
|     /--Alfonso II Alfonsez  Provence  Prince of Aragon
|  /--Raymond  Berenger  V Count of Provence
|  |  \--Gersinde II de  Sabran  Countess of Castile
\--Eleonore Countess of  Provence  Queen of England
   |  /--Alfonso II Alfonsez  Provence  Prince of Aragon
   \--Beatrice   Countess of Savoy
      \--Beatrice (Margaret) de  Geneva 

Pedigree Chart for: Eleanor of Castile Countess of Ponthieu

   /--Alfonso  Fernandez  IX King of León and Castile
   |  \--
/--Fernando III 'The Saint'  Alfonsez  King of Castile and Leon
|  |  /--Alfonso VIII   King of Castile
|  \--Berenguela Queen of  Castile 
|     \--Eleanor  Plantagenet  Princess of England
|--Eleanor of  Castile  Countess of Ponthieu
|     /--
|  /--Simon II Count of  Dammartin 
|  |  \--
\--Jeanne  de Dammartin  Countess of Aumale
   |  /--
   \--Marie (Jeanne)   Countess of Ponthieu & Montreuil

[2503] Edward I, 1239-1307 (r.1272-1307), was the son and successor of HENRY III. He gained new claims to France through his marriage (1254) to Eleanor of Castile and was responsible for his father's victory in the Barons' War. As king, his conquest of Wales (1277-82) was followed by a long, futile campaign against Scotland (1290-1307). Edward's legal reforms, notably the statutes of Westminster, earned him the title English Justinian. He restricted private and church courts and controlled land grants to the church. His Model Parliament (1295) marked greater participation by the barons, merchants, and clergy whose resistance to war taxation had forced him to confirm previous charters (e.g., Magna Carta). (From This king had a nickname for practically every side of his personality. Edward was tall and nicknamed Longshanks for his long limbs. He was religious, but this king was also devious and called the Leopard. He was a strong fighter who launched invasions into both Scotland and Wales. Edward I was called the Hammer of the Scots, and also built several Welsh fortresses. Some historians call Edward the "father of the longbow", believing -- possibly mistakenly -- that he introduced this supposedly Welsh weapon to the English army. Edward was a far different character from his father and soon put the country on a footing he preferred. In 1276-77 he brought Llywelyn ap Gruffydd to heel as well as putting the finances of the country back in order after the disasters of the previous reign. In 1282 he was surprised by a Welsh revolt and by the April of 1283 he had subjugated the whole of Wales, killing Llywelyn and capturing his brother Dafydd. Even this proved insufficient to totally overawe Wales and Edward faced further revolts in 1287 and 1295, though neither were as serious as the wars of 1277 and 1282. With the conquest of Wales Edward began a massive castle building project that is still rightly seen as one of the wonders of the thirteenth century. Towards the end of his reign Edward became increasingly embroiled in bringing Scotland under his direct rule in a similar manner to that which he had achieved in Wales and this proved by and large to be his undoing. The Welsh campaigns had made heavy drains on the Exchequer and Edward turned more and more to imposing unjust taxes on his peoples and antagonizing his baronage. The conquest of Scotland failed largely because of Edward's success in Wales, he had spent his money and this is why no military masterpieces like Caernarfon or Harlech are to be found in Scotland, where Edward had to content himself more with wooden peels like the one he built at Linlithgow. An increasingly beleaguered Edward, abandoned in some of his campaigns by some of his previously most loyal barons, died crossing the border into Scotland again in 1307.

[3103] Eleanor was only about ten years old when married to the 15 year old Edward of Westminster at Las Huelgas in 1254. Such child marriages were commonplace in Europe in the Middle Ages and the brides were usually consigned to their husbands' families to complete ther education. The marriages were not consummated until the bride reached a suitable age (usually 14 or 15) and in Eleanor's case it seems to have been 18 or 19.

[2658] Elizabeth Plantagenet was born in August of 1282 at Rhuddlan Castle in North Wales. Her father, King Edward I, was on a millitary campaign in Wales, and Queen Eleanor had accompanied him, as was her custom. Although never done in continental royalty, a few daughters of the English Plantagenet Kings did marry commoners, such as in the case of Elizabeth. This fact is what permits any of the commoners of today to have a royal line of descent.

[2622] Edward II, 1284-1327 (r.1307-27), was a weak king, dissipated and self-indulgent. His reign was noted for internal dissension and the loss of Scotland. His insistence on having his favorite, Piers Gaveston, at court caused rebellion among the barons, who eventually had Gaveston killed. Edward's later favorites, Hugh le Despenser and his son, virtually ruled England (1322-26). They made a truce with Robert I and recognized him as king of Scotland. Edward's wife, Queen Isabella, refused to return from France while the Despensers ruled. She entered into an adulterous alliance with Roger de Mortimer and invaded England. The Despensers were executed and Edward forced to abdicate. He was imprisoned and almost certainly murdered by henchmen of Isabella and Mortimer. (From Preceded by a forthright and powerful monarch, it was not surprising that his successor should be so weak. Edward II had few of the redeeming features of his father and much more resembled his grandfather. His idea of a good time was living as a rustic on his own play farm while the government of the kingdom was left to less than honest favourites. As a result his reign was punctuated by sporadic explosions amongst his discontented baronage and the rise of a new movement called the Ordainers, who in many respects were the descendants of the reformers of 1258. The Ordainers were decisively defeated in 1322, but Edward failed to capitalize on his success. Instead he was overthrown by his queen and her paramour and put to a grisly 'end' in the dungeons of Berkeley Castle.

@1 [2504] [S44]

@1 [3104] [S44]

@1 [3105] [S44]

@1 [3106] [S44]

@1 [3107] [S44]

@1 [2652] [S44]

@1 [2649] [S44]

@1 [2653] [S44]

@1 [2648] [S44]

@1 [2654] [S44]

@1 [2655] [S44]

@1 [2656] [S44]

@1 [2657] [S44]

@1 [2659] [S44]

@1 [2623] [S44]

@1 [2650] [S44]

@1 [2660] [S44]

Richard Bass / Grace Ogden

Husband: Richard Bass
Born: [13749] at:
Married: at:  
Died: at:
Wife: Grace Ogden
Born: at:
Died: at:
Name: Mary Bass [13752] [13750]
Born: 1904[13750] at: Tennessee, United States
Married: at:  
Died: at:
Spouses: Felix Matthew Beasley

Pedigree Chart for: Richard Bass

   |  \--
|  |  /--
|  \--
|     \--
|--Richard  Bass 
|     /--
|  /--
|  |  \--
   |  /--

Pedigree Chart for: Grace Ogden

   |  \--
|  |  /--
|  \--
|     \--
|--Grace  Ogden 
|     /--
|  /--
|  |  \--
   |  /--

@1 [13749] [S35]

@1 [13752] [S35]

@1 [13750] [S35]

    [13751] Reocrds put her age as 18, his as 29.

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