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Guy Claggett Beasley / Alma Amelia Kron

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Guy Claggett Beasley / Alma Amelia Kron

Husband: Guy Claggett Beasley
Born: 21 Jun 1888[63] [64] at:
Married: 1935at:
Died: 24 Jul 1976[65] at: Pontiac, Oakland, Michigan, USA
Father: Luther Sanford Beasley
Mother: Ruth Matella Claggett
Notes: [68]
Wife: Alma Amelia Kron
Born: 4 Apr 1903[574] at: Illinois
Died: at:
Father: William Vincent Kron
Mother: Elizabeth Matilda Thybomi
Notes: [575]
Name: Robert Kron Beasley
Born: 1 Mar 1928at: Illinois
Died: at:

Pedigree Chart for: Guy Claggett Beasley

   /--Thomas Wesley  Beasley 
   |  \--
/--Luther Sanford  Beasley 
|  |  /--Samuel  Claggett  III
|  \--Ann Elizabeth  Claggett 
|     \--Julia Frances  Sanford 
|--Guy Claggett  Beasley 
|     /--Samuel  Claggett  III
|  /--James Augustine  Claggett 
|  |  \--Lucy  Sanford 
\--Ruth Matella  Claggett 
   |  /--Samuel  Claggett  III
   \--Catherine  Johnson 
      \--Catherine  Norris 

Pedigree Chart for: Alma Amelia Kron

   |  \--
/--William Vincent  Kron 
|  |  /--
|  \--
|     \--
|--Alma Amelia  Kron 
|     /--
|  /--
|  |  \--
\--Elizabeth Matilda  Thybomi 
   |  /--

[68] BIOGRAPHY: In 1910, 20 year old Guy was a boarder in the Brederson household, along with five others. Olga was 18. Jane Raph reported that Guy worked for Chrysler his entire life, first in Chicago and later in Detroit. In fact, Guy held many jobs. In 1920, he was working on Chicago's historic Motor Row on South Michigan Avenue for the Louis Geyler Automobile Company, which distributed Hudson automobiles. Louis Geyler was an advertising solicitor on a motor paper, but wanted to get into the motor business. He took over the Autocar agency in 1907 and had a place on Wabash avenue. A little later Geyler pulled out of the firm, took over Stevens Dyryea and moved to Michigan Avenue. In 1911 he secured the Hudson agency, incorporated a big company, saw business grow so rapidly that he was forced to take the old Peerless Building at 1500 South Michigan Avenue, and set about building up an organization second to none on the street, and with a record in the way of output. ~SSN 362-01-7161 issued in Michigan; last residence, 48054 East China, Saint Clair, Michigan In the 1920 US Census, a Guy and Olga Beasley are reported in Chicago. The facts shown match Guy and his wife: Race: White State: Illinois County: Cook Roll T625_315 Page: 8A ED: 405 Image: 614 No children are indicated. They are shown living at 6445 Harper Avenue.

[575] Based on notes compiled by Ruth Matella Beasley. 1920 Census: Father's birthplace, Louisiana.

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