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Samuel Clagett Sr. / Elizabeth Gantt

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Samuel Clagett Sr. / Elizabeth Gantt

Husband: Samuel Clagett Sr.
Born: 31 Jan 1717[93] at: Charles, Maryland, United States
Married: at:  
Died: 12 Aug 1756at: Charles, Maryland, USA
Father: Richard Claggett Sr.
Mother: Deborah Dorsey
Notes: [94]
Wife: Elizabeth Gantt
Born: ABT 1711at:
Died: ABT 1750at:
Father: Thomas Gantt III
Mother: Priscilla Brooke
Name: Priscilla Clagett
Born: 1738at: Maryland, United States
Married: at:  
Died: AFT 1771at:
Spouses: Samuel Lloyd Chew

Name: Thomas John Claggett [1312] [1311]
Born: 7 Oct 1743at: Calvert, Maryland, United States
Married: at:  
Died: 2 Aug 1816at: Upper Marlboro, Calvert, Maryland, USA
Spouses: Mary Gantt

Pedigree Chart for: Samuel Clagett Sr.

      /--Edward  Clagett 
   /--Thomas  Clagett  I
   |  \--Margaret  Adams 
/--Richard  Claggett  Sr.
|  |  /--
|  \--
|     \--
|--Samuel  Clagett  Sr.
|     /--Edward  Dorsey 
|  /--John  Dorsey 
|  |  \--Anne  Howard 
\--Deborah  Dorsey 
   |  /--Edward  Dorsey 
   \--Pleasance  Ely 
      \--Joane  Phipps 

Pedigree Chart for: Elizabeth Gantt

      /--Thomas  Gantt  Sr
   /--Edward  Gantt  II
   |  \--
/--Thomas  Gantt  III
|  |  /--
|  \--Anne  Fielder 
|     \--
|--Elizabeth  Gantt 
|     /--
|  /--
|  |  \--
\--Priscilla  Brooke 
   |  /--

[94] In 1750, the Maryland Assembly voted funds to enlarge and repair Christ Church in William and Mary Parish (in what is now Wayside, Maryland), under the direction of its rector, The Rev. Samuel Clagett.

[1312] In 1750, the Maryland Assembly voted funds to enlarge and repair Christ Episcopal Church of Wayside, Maryland, under the direction of its rector, The Rev. Samuel Clagett. Forty years later this name was to make ecclesiastical history when his son, Thomas John Clagett, became the first Episcopal Bishop of Maryland and the first consecrated in the United States. According to Richard Feller and Marshall Fishwic, the Right Reverend Thomas J. Claggett, who became Maryland's first bishop in 1792, saw the need for an Episcopal church in Washington. While presiding over his diocesan convention in 1793, Bishop Claggett appointed a committee to study the idea. Another strong advocate for a cathedral was Joseph Nourse, Washington's First Registrar of the Treasury. Nourse did not want the cathedral in downtown Washington, but on the hill overlooking the city -- Mt. Alban. Thomas John Claggett, the first to use the double "g" in spelling his family's name, was born in October, 1743, near Nottingham in Prince George's County. He graduated from Princeton University in 1764. In 1792, at Trinity Church in New York City, he became the first Episcopal bishop of Maryland and was the first bishop of that faith consecrated in America. Trinity Church, Upper Marlboro, St. Mary's City "Thomas John Claggett, was rector of St. Paul's Parish, Baden and Aquasco. Bishop Claggett later served as the first rector of Trinity Church, Upper Marlboro. Bishop Claggett was appointed the third Chaplain of the United States Senate in 1800 and, in 1810, he founded Trinity Episcopal Church in Upper Marlboro. He died at his home near Croom in August 1816. In 1898, Bishop Claggett was re-interred at the National Cathedral. A memorial marker was erected on the grounds of his home church, St. Thomas, Croom, in 1932. A wood carving of the consecration of Bishop Clagett may be seen on the Bishop's Stall in the Washington Cathedral. His remains were reinterred in the National Cathedral in 1898. Then came the Civil War, and Bishop Clagget's grandson, the Reverend John H. Chew, became rector of Saint Alban's. Most of the congregation was made up of uniformed soldiers, and tents surrounded the church, given that many army units would stop there when passing through Washington. In 1865, when President Abraham Lincoln was killed, Saint Alban's, like all other churches in Washington, held a memorial service. His epitaph was penned by his very dear friend and fellow churchman, Francis Scott Key, the author of the "Star Spangled Banner." BIOGRAPHY: Thomas Joannes Claggett, D. D. Maryland Episcopus Primus Natus Sexto Nonis Octobris Anno Salutis 1743 Ordinatus Diaconus et Presbyter Londini 1767 Et Episcopus Consecratus 1792 Decessit in place Christi Quarto Nonis Agusti 1816 Fidelitate et Mansuetudine Ecclesiam Rexit Moribusque Ornavit Uxori,Liberis, Sociisque memoriam Clarissimam Et Patraiae et Ecclesiae nomen Honoratum Dedit

@1 [93] [S43]

  • @4Data:
    Priest of the Church of Engalnd; rector of parishes in Calvert and Charles Cos., MD;

@1 [1311] [S254]

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