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Eight Generation Family Tree

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A map of the eight families of four generations ago.

The chart at right (enlarged view) illustrates the principal lines of our family tree we are currently researching. These eight lines are described below.

James Phelps of Crewkerne, Somerset was one of a number of landed Phelpses in 15th Century England. His grandson William elected to join the emigration to the colonies where William helped settle Windsor, Connecticut. More recently, Thadeus Merrill Phelps was born in Wataga, Illinois in 1856. Thadeus is my paternal great-grandfather.

William Bartle hails from the midwest and before that New Jersey. My g-great-grandfather William Toy Bartle was a minister across the upper mid-west from Decatur, Michigan to Plattsmouth, Nebraska. He was born in Mullica Hill, New Jersey on Feb 17, 1822. His daughter Helen Lindsay married my g-grandfather Thadeus Merrill Phelps. We suspect due to the rarity of this surname that the name may have derived from Bartte, Bartley or Bartlett. This is my paternal grandfather's mother's family.

The Christys My g-grandfather George William Christy served four years in the Civil War and was left disabled. According to the 1880 Census, he was 'deaf and dumb' and employed as a 'Lightening Rod Agnt'. He left Illinois in the late 1890s for Santa Cruz, California. Family legend has it they are Normans originally hailing from France by way of Scotland. My paternal grandmother's father's family.

The Diuguids William Diuguid left Aberdeen, Scotland Map Link, in the mid-1700's and settled near Bent Creek in the lower part of what is now Appomattox County, Virginia. Nearly all Diuguids trace their roots to Virginia or Kentucky. It is through the Diuguids that we trace our roots back to the statesman Patrick Henry and to Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland. The Diuguids are my paternal grandmother's mother's family.

The Beasleys One of our less well-known lines, Thomas Wesley Beasley began life in a small town named Brandy Station in Fauquier County, northern Virginia, around 1830. This later was the site of the largest calvary battle in the Civil War, which my family watched from their back porch. My Great-Uncle Tucker said he would never forget the sight of the dead and dying men. This is my maternal grandfather's father's family.

The Claggetts Edward Claggett emigrated from England circa 1664. His family grew very prosperous in Maryland, where the family estate remains occupied today by direct descendants for the 8th consecutive generation. This is my maternal grandmother's mother's family.

The Bremsers Hailing from Singhofen, Rheinland Pfalz, Germany, Heinrich Bremser arrived in the U.S. in 1892 with his wife Phillipina, his father-in-law, Philip Klein, and Henry's brother Phillip. Henry and Phillip were experienced Masons and founded the first brick and masonry business in Norwalk, Ohio. This is my maternal grandfather's father's family.

The Kleins are German, from near Weisbaden, Rhineland-Pfalz. G-great-grandfather Phillip Klein arrived in the United States with his daughter Phillipina "Bina" Klein and son-in-law Heinrich "Henry" Gottlieb Bremser. He died within a year. Interestingly, Henry's daughter Wilhelmena "Minnie" Phillipena married Curt Klein, a first cousin from Germany. My maternal grandmother's mother's family.

The Lovelands My wife's maternal grandfather were Latter-day Saint pioneers who crossed 1300 miles of prairie to settle in Salt Lake City, escaping persecution and death to embrace religious freedom.

The Tolmans My wife's maternal grandmother descended from Thomas Tolman b. 1550 in Salcomb Regis, Devonshire, England. In about 1840, his descendent, Judson Adonirum Tolman, now living in Maine, joined the newly founded Church of Jesus Christy Latter-day Saints and left the United States to emigrate to the yet-unnamed Utah Territory.

The Morgans My wife's father's family are pioneers of the Salt Lake Valley. John Morgan started the first college in Salt Lake City.

The Pearce family has direct ties to the Latter-day Saint Prophet Brigham Young and, notoriously, the Mountain Meadows Massacre.