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The Mystery of General Harry Haskell

Marriage of Lieut. H.L. Haskell

Marriage of Lieut. H.L. Haskell, From the San Francisco Call, June 21, 1881

A very stylish and brilliant wedding was celebrated at 1 o'clock on Wednesday afternoon [June 15, 1881] last at the parlors of the bride's mother in the Grand Hotel, the contracting parties being Lieut. H.L. Haskell, United States Army, aide-de-camp on the staff of Gen. [Orlando B.] Wilcox, stationed at Prescott, Arizona, and Miss Mary E. Fourgeaud, daughter of the late Victor J. Fourgeaud, the eminent physician.

The parlors were decorated with beauty and taste, and the chandeliers and archways gracefully draped with smilax, studded with rosebuds. Between the curtains in the bay window was suspended a large marriage bell copped of white flowers. On the lace curtain to the left was the letter "H" and on the other side the letter "F", both worked in real flowers.

Shortly after 1 o'clock the bride and groom, attended by Mrs. Fourgeaud and Lieut. Von Schrader, of the Twelfth Infantry, who acted as best man, entered and took their places under the marriage bell, and in front the Rev. Dr. Beers, Rector of Trinity [Episcopal] Church, who performed the ceremony, in his usual impressive manner.

The bride wore an elegant cream-white satin princess en train, with a tabler front of rich duchesse lace, which corresponded with the trimming on the long sleeves and high-necked bodice. A tulle veil, confined to her hair with a sprig of bridal flowers, fell over the entire robe.

The ceremony was witnessed by about 30 of the intimate friends of the parties, who at its conclusion advanced and extended their congratulations.

Among those present were the following named: Mr. and Mrs. D.O. Mills, Ogden Mils, Mrs. Von Maher, Mrs. Samuel Hort, Mrs. Boardman, Miss Emily Tompkins, Mr. and Mrs. Gibson Kelly, Miss Seawell, Col. Batcheler, Major Keeler, Major Hasbrouck, Mr. Daniel L. Randolph, Dr. Newlands, Mr. O. Nesmith, Mrs. Kelton, Mrs. Gen. Stoneman, Lt. Von Schrader, Mrs. Gen. Burnett, Miss Burnett, Muck Buckbee, Miss Lillie Buckbee, Mr. Mertherne Tompkins, Mr. and Mrs. C.V. Gillespie, Dr. and Mrs. Harvey, Mr. and Mrs. G. Bishop, the Misses Tillinghast.

A collation was served in the adjoining parlors, and a couple of hours spent in social conversation. The presents were numerous and appropriate, including a set of jewelry gifts from Mrs. Fourgeaud to her daughter, which consisted of an old heirloom which had been in the family over 150 years, and passed down from one generation to another. It is a necklace of garnet beads of the most unique and antique cutting, and exceedingly valuable. Lieut. and Mrs. Haskell left on the same afternoon for San Jose, where they remained until yesterday. They will stay in the city for a week and then proceed to Prescott, their future home.


For information on Civil War Captain and later Brigadier General Henry Haskell, we are indebted to Jim McGraw, who contributed a very fine portrait, and Win Haskell of Germany, who sent us a number of documents telling us quite a lot about the Private, later Brigadier General, Haskell. Sgt. Vincent M. Jockimo, a member of the 125th N.Y. Volunteers reenactment group, told us about the badge itself and its meaning, and sent us portions of the regimental history. Stephen Schmidt send us Harry's enlistment record. And Jody Roberts sent us some info about Harry from the Sons of the American Revolution.