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Descendants of William Claygate of England

From 1450 England to Colonial Virginia and Frontier Illinois

Samuel Claggett III, the grandson of Revolutionary War Surgeon Dr. Samuel Claggett Jr., was born on 8 Feb 1797 in New Baltimore, Fauquier Co., Virginia. His two wives, Lucy and Julia Sanford, were half-sisters. Five of their eight children moved west to Lexington, Illinois during their lifetime, as shown below. Only sisters Fanny and Julia remained in Warrenton, Virginia.

Samuel married (1) Lucy Sanford, daughter of Col. Thomas Sanford and his wife, name unknown, on 23 Jan 1816 in Fauquier Co., Virginia. Lucy was born in 1796 in Virginia. She died before 2 Jul 1827.

Samuel and Lucy had the following children:

  1. James Augustine Claggett was born on 17 May 1824. He arrived in Lexington on Christmas Day, 1866. He died on 17 Aug 1886 in Lexington, McLean, Illinois.
  2. Sanford R. Claggett was born before 1827. Sanford's obituary reports that he came to Illinois in 1841. He died on 28 Aug 1895 in Lexington, McLean, Illinois.

Samuel married (2) Julia F. Sanford, daughter of Col. Thomas Sanford and Kesia Britton, on 8 May 1827 in Fauquier Co., Virginia. Julia was born on 2 Jul 1807 in Prince William County, Virginia.

Samuel and Julia had the following children:

  1. Frances "Fanny" Caroline Claggett was born on 14 Mar 1830 in New Baltimore, Fauquier, Virginia, U. S.. She died on 3 Dec 1901 in Warrenton, Fauquier, Virginia.
  2. George Claggett was born in 1832. Probably died young.
  3. Ann Elizabeth Claggett was born on 17 Mar 1835 in New Baltimore, Fauquier, Virginia. She died on 24 Jan 1898 in Lexington, McLean, Illinois.
  4. Benjamin Franklin Claggett was born on 12 Mar 1839 in Virginia. By the time of the 1880 census, Benjamin was a farmer in Lexington, Illinois. He died on 24 Jan 1902 in Lexington, McLean, Illinois.
  5. Thomas J. Claggett was born on 1 Jun 1841 in Fauquier, Virginia. He moved to Illinois in February 1879 and died on 4 Feb 1901 in Lexington, McLean, Illinois.
  6. Julia Catherine Claggett was born in 1843 in Snow Hill, New Baltimore, Fauquier, Virginia. She died on 1 Aug 1921 in Warrenton, Fauquier, Virginia.
Randolph Tucker Claggett was a farmer in Lexington, Illinois, in 1895. He was born in Warrenton, Fairfax County, Va., May 10, 1858, the youngest son of James A. and Catherine Johnson Claggett.

Claggetts in the Civil War

The following paragraph about Thomas and Columbia Claggett was written by my grandfather, Johnson Tucker Beasley, whom I never knew. His mother was Ruth Matella "Mattie" Claggett, fourth great grand niece of our oldest known ancestor, Edward Claggett. The words are part of his record on the origins of his family. He was a bit of a family history buff and recorded quite a few names and dates that have been of help to me. He wrote:

"I am not sure that any of the Claggetts were in the Civil War, but the Claggett homestead is in Virginia near the site of the First Battle of Bull Run [First Mannassas]. I have heard my grandmother [Catherine Johnson] tell of having watched the battle from the back porch, and Uncle Tucker tells me his father carried him on horseback to the scene of the battle after it was over, and that the sight of row on row of wounded and dying was never erased from his memory."

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Much of the Claggett or Clagett genealogy is directly or indirectly attributible to Brice Clagett, who wrote The Clagett family: a brief history of the name in England and a register of all the known descendants of Capt. Thomas ClagettBarb and Marc Roddin of Mountain View, California, based on Brice Clagett's work above, contributed information on the descendants of Captain Thomas John Clagett and his wife Mary. Linda Ball Gibson contributed information on Samuel Claggett III and his two sister-wives, Julia and Lucy Sanford. Charlie McNett of Bethesda, Maryland contributed valuable information on the descendants of Christopher Columbus Claggett. The descendants of Ferdinand Claggett were researched by Robert Christman.

Source Information

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