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Clagget Emigration to America from England

Col. Edward Claget (b. 1613)

The first Clagett to emigrate to the American Colonies was Col. Edward Claget (b. 1613) with his then 26 year old son, Thomas Clagett, who was born in 1644 in the parish of St. Mary's Hill, London, England. He came to Maryland about 1670. The Clagetts were gentlemen of upper class origins. Edward had been Commissioner for the militia of the city of London and in 1653-1673, Master of the Drapers Company and a member of the London Common Council. (The Master of the Drapers Company was in many ways one of the most powerful figures in London. For an enlightening and detailed description of the history and function of the company, see The Drapers Company of London.)

Edward Claget was evidently wealthy before he arrived in the colonies. He was granted large estates in New England: Goodlington Manor (1,000 acres) on the Eastern shore of Maryland; Weston (800 acres) near Upper Marlboro, Maryland; Greenland in Prince George's County and large tracts near St. Leonard Township. Seven Thomas Clagetts in line have inherited "Weston". The last known owner was Henry Conte Bowie Clagett.

Edward Claget held more than 3,700 acres in Calvert, Prince George's, Baltimore and Kent Counties. He was a Justice and Coroner of Calvert Co., and an opponent of Coode's Revolution of 1689. His many descendants went on to play many key roles in the formation of the United States.