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The Bremsers or Brömsers of America and Nassau-Hessen, Germany

(Roughly Translated by Babelfish from the Original German )

You can find a detailed description of the castles of Rüdesheim on the Rhine to Koblenz on our CD "Castles on the Rhine."

Most castles can be visited. Some accommodate hotels and also restaurants.

Into and around Rüdesheim on the Rhine are some interesting castles, whose attendance is worthwhile itself reliably. Closer information for this receives you over the traffic department of the city Rüdesheim on the Rhine, Rhine route 16, Tel. 06722-408 31.

Directly at the Rhine route in Rüdesheim on the Rhine the Brömserburg lies.  

The Brömserburg "Niederburg" was called original, was a customs station and over centuries in the possession of the "Knights of Rüdesheim." When exactly the castle was built is not certain. But forerunners existed already in 9th and 10th century. 

In 1539 the lineage of the Knights of Rüdesheim ended and the Knights Brömser received the castle as Lehen. In the 17th century also the lineage of the Brömser ended and from Metternichs stepped to their place.  In the 30 Years War, the castle was thoroughly demolished. In 1811 Karl Joseph of Ingelheim the Brömserburg acquired and developed it to a living castle in the style of the time at that time.  In 1941 bought the city Rüdesheim the Brömserburg and established the wine museum there. 

Opening times: In the middle of March to in the middle of November daily 9:00am to 6:00 pm.

Ruin honour rock
Down the Rhine between Rüdesheim at the Rhine and ASS one ASS the ruin honour rock lies. Them became at the beginning 13th century as tariff castle by the Mainzer archbishop builds. In 14th century took place their development to the temporary residence and as escape castle for the archbishop and the cathedral treasure.  

The 30 Years War those uberlebte honour rock without prejudice to, however then in the pfaelzischen succession war 1689 by the troops of Ludwig of the XIV was destroyed.

In 1866 the castle belonged with Nassau as part of Prussia. Since 1945 the ruin belongs to the county Hessen. At large financial expenditure the ruin was restored in the last years. Are zugaeglich they some-meet on for visitors. From the pictorial double towers one enjoys one of the most beautiful views on the Rhine Valley.  
Mouse tower

In the middle in the Rhine opposite the honour rock lies the mouse tower, which belonged to the tariff system the honour rock. The origins decrease/go back however already to the Romans, who are to have established a tower here in the Rhine.  

The archbishop Hatto II. the existing ruin let 968 develop to a small water castle. From this the tower has also its name, since Hatto of the legend had been driven and up-eaten after of mice here.  

Starting from 1298 the tower was included into the tariff system of the castle honour rock.

1689 were destroyed the tower and developed only 1855 by the Prussian state as Singnalturm for the Rhine shipping again. After the Binger hole had been released from its reef remainders, the tower was deactivated 1974. An inspection is not possible unfortunately.
Castle Rhine stone

The former robbery knight castle lies opposite from ASS man ASS.  

The history of the castle is old over 1000 years. Around 900 the castle was built as tariff place for the realm. Emperor Otto II. gave it to the ore diocese Mainz and became in 11 and 12. Century to the protection castle developed. The castle experienced the historical high point 1282-1286 as here an emperor Rudolf von Habsburg court over the robbery knights of the Rhine held.

In the following centuries the castle changed often the possession and purged slowly. When 1632 pulled Sweden by Linksrheini, the castle had already disintegrated to the ruin.  

1823 bought Friedrich William Ludwig kgl. to prince of Prussia, a nephew of the king, the castle and let it to a romantic aristocracy seat develop. It calls it from now on Rhine stone, because of their imposanten rock situation.  

The castle is today in private property and can from March to November daily of 9.00-19.00 o'clock be visited.  

Overnight accomodation possibility and a knight's hall for group celebrations are likewise present. A reservation is absolutely necessary.

Castle realm stone
Linksrheinisch over Trechtingshausen lies the castle realm stone. The emergence of the castle goes on the early 11. Century back. At that time the area belonged to the monastery Kornelimuenster with Aachen, which used Voegte here for administration. One these was knight Rheinbodo, which raged as bad robbery knights and was set off therefore. A quantity was robbery knights nevertheless also among its successors. 1253 were already destroyed those Rhine rock by an army of the Rheini standard ware, in order to prepare for the Raubrittertum an end.

Rebuilt robbing went and to murders however further, until 1282-1286 emperors Rudolf von Habburg finally an end set for this. In the future the castle purged to the ruin. Only with beginning of the romance in 19. Century changed this and the realm stone became gradually again develop finally acquired the industrielle Nicolaus Kirsch Puricelli   the castle and rebuilt it until 1902 after old plans.  

The castle is to be visited from the March 1 to November 15 daily from 10.00 to 19,00 o'clock. In the winter according to agreement. In addition those accommodates realm stone a good castle restaurant.