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The Will of William Beazley

William Beazley was born in 1761 in Spotsylvania County, Virginia. He died betwen 24 Sep 1824 to 3 Oct 1824. There is one thing very unusual about William's will, in that he directs that the children of his "negro woman Nully ... be kept and raised among my children... [and] emancipated" We can only guess what this means, although it certainly implies a degree of affection.

Transcribed by Email link Lesley Carter.

I William Beazley of the County of Culpeper and state of Virginia do make and ordain this my will and testament as follows:

First I leave to my wife Ellie Beazley five negroes named John, Temple, Robert, Edmund and Polly during her natural life and after her death to be sold on a credit of twelve months and the money arising to be equally divided among my children in their lives.

Secondly it is my desire that the following children (who are children of my negro woman Nully, named ?, Job, Joel, Frederick, Elza, Moriah and Jane be kept and raised among my children until ? at age the boys 21 and the girls 18 at which time they are to be emancipated.

Thirdly I give to my daughter Nancy Coones wife of John Coones, one hundred & fifty acres of land which they now reside on to her and her heirs forever.

Fourthly I give to my sons Thomas and Charles Beazley the tract of land I now reside on containing four hundred and forty-four acres to be equally divided so as to leave the dwelling house on the part belonging to my son Thomas as it is my will that my wife shall live with my son Thomas the land to be valued by three persons that my Executor shall appoint and the amount over and above their shares as Legatees shall be paid to my Executor after they get ? in their equal amount payments in them and their heirs forever.

Fifthly the reserve of my estate to be sold on a credit of twelve months and the money arising after all my just debts are paid as also the money that may be due from my sons Thomas and Charles to be equally divided between my sons Reuben and Cornelius and my daughters Sally Vaughan Pattsey Triplett and Elizabeth? to them and their heirs forever.

Sixthly I appoint William Major Executor of this my last will and testament on Witness whereof shall my hand & seal the 20th day of September 1824.
Signed sealed & acknowledged Wm. Beazley (seal)

In presence of

William Coons
David ?
Benjamin (his mark) Drummond

Culpeper October 3rd 1824

To Misters William Coones Archibald Test and S.A. Herron


Pursuant to the will of the late William Beazley dec'd Whereof I am executor I am directed to appoint three persons to value the land divided by the said devised to his sons Thomas Beazley and Charles Beazley to be equally divided between them. This therefore is to appoint you to the performance of the said duty and to request you to repair to the house of the said deceased on the 7th of the present month then and there in presence of such of the parties as may choose to attend to make valuation of the said land in the whole and on each subdivision and to render me a one report of the same in order that it may be entered of record.

William Major